Biolens Lab has opted for robotic manufacturing, the only guarantee of excellent quality and good reproducibility.

The laboratory has significant resources; premises specially designed to ensure the protection and preservation of the product and highly qualified employees. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for producing complex surfaces with nanometric precision and achieving a very high degree of automation, thus guaranteeing high quality and perfect reproducibility. Also, the choice of our partners is based on a single criterion, quality. A raw material supplied by the world leader in the manufacture of biocompatible materials for contact lenses.

Biolens Lab has invested in machinery from the world leader in this field: Dac International, LA, USA. These digital lathes allow production of the most complex geometries with super-nanometric precision.

In addition, the computerization of our operating system, thanks to the latest generation software, allows us to make contact lenses with modern designs, including bifocal and progressive lenses, and even to be able to adjust the edges by quadrant.