Prothetic Soft Contact Lenses

Iris and pupil custom-made

Natural color
Available with correction
Without parameter limits
Short delivery time
Guarantee of fit
Corneal scar
Iris trauma
2 years
Daily wear
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Hand-made tints and custom-made lenses by Biolens Lab, with a wide range of tints and parameters to restore a natural look to your eye.

Choice Of The Definitive Lens

IriSoft lenses are custom-made, so provide us with the following data :

Corneal diameter (HVID)
Glasses correction

For Multifocals we will also need :

The dominant eye
Pupillary diameter
The addition in VP

Fitting Rules

You can choose the parameters of the lenses (without guarantee of fit), by applying the following rules :

LC diameter = Corneal diameter (HIVD) + 2 mm
Radius: Depending on the total diameter:
13.50: R0=Km+0.4         14.00: R0=Km+0.6
14.50: R0=Km+0.8         15.00: R0=Km+1.0
Convert glasses strength into contact lenses by taking into account the glass-eye distance

Evaluation of Fit

After insertion, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before evaluating fit.

A good-fitting lens:

Shows 0.5 to 1 mm blinking movement
On “push up” the lens refocuses quickly
Its edge is 1 to 1.5 mm from the limbus
Is comfortable

Poor Fit

Blurred vision after blinking
Excess mobility
Axis rotation with toric lenses
Induced astigmatism with additional refraction

Recommended Actions:
Increase the diameter by at least 0.50 or tighten R0 by at least 0.2 mm

Tight Fit

Clear vision after blinking
Reduced mobility
Axis rotation for toric lenses

Recommended Actions:
Decrease the diameter by at least 0.50 or flatten R0 by at least 0.2 mm

Cyl Axis Rotation

En lentille torique, vérifiez le marquage de l’axe qui doit être à 6 heures, en cas de rotation notez la position.

Actions  recommandées: 
Nous communiquer la rotation, les lentilles sous garanties seront refaites en tenant compte de ce paramètre


Radius of curvature  7.00 to 12.00 mm by 0.1
Diameter 12.00 to 15.00 mm by 0.1
Sphere -25.00 to +15.00 D by 0.25
Cyl Up to 8.00 D by 0.25
Axis 0° to 180° by 1°


Material Contaflex 38
(Polymacon 38)
Classification Filcon I 1
Hydrophilicity 38%
DK  7.9
Modulus 0.44V MPa
UV Filter No



Solutions containing EDTA may alter the tint of the lens. We recommend a preservative-free soft contact lens care solution Regard®

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Biolens Lab offers a 1 month guarantee of fit for IriSoft contact lenses.