Therapeutic Contact Lenses, Silicone-Hydogel, Custom-Made

Large diameter
No parameter limits
Better oxygenation of the cornea
Great hydrophilicity
Can be used in Crosslinking (customizable center thickness)
Dressing: analgesic role
Bullous keratitis
Protection contre les agressions (Entropion)
Epithelial erosions
Post PKR
Drug reservoir
Maintenance of corneal hydration
15 days of continuous wear


Silicone-Hydrogel therapeutic soft contact lenses, which can be made according to your needs in any desired parameters. Provides your patients with corneal surface protection and comfort.



You can choose the parameters of the lenses (without guarantee of adaptation), by applying the following rules:

LC diameters = Corneal Diameter (HIVD) + 2.5 mm
Rayon: Is a function of the total diameter :

  • 13.50: R0=Km+0.1         14.00: R0=Km+0.2
  • 14.50: R0=Km+0.3         15.00: R0=Km+0.4
  • 15.50: R0=Km+0.6         16.00: R0=Km+1.0
  • 17.00: R0=Km+1.4         18.00: R0=Km+1.6
  • 19.00: R0=Km+1.8        20.00: R0=Km+2

Convert glasses power into contact lenses by taking into account the glass-eye distance

Evaluation of fit

After insertion, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before evaluating fit.

A good-fitting lens:

Shows 0.5 to 1 mm blinking movement
On “push up” the lens refocuses quickly
Its edge is 1 to 1.5 mm from the limbus
Is comfortable

Poor Fit

Blurred vision after blinking
Excess mobility
Axis rotation with toric lenses
Induced astigmatism with additional refraction

Recommended Actions:
Increase the diameter by at least 0.50 or tighten R0 by at least 0.2 mm

Tight Fit

Clear vision after blinking
Reduced mobility
Axis rotation for toric lenses

Recommended Actions:
Decrease the diameter by at least 0.50 or flatten R0 by at least 0.2 mm

Cyl Axis Rotation

In toric lens, check the marking of the axis which must be at 6 o’clock, and in case of rotation note the position.

Recommended actions: 
If you communicate the rotation to us, lenses under warranty will be redone taking into account this parameter.


Radius of curvature  7.00 to 12.00 mm by 0.1
Diameter 12.00 to 20.00 mm by 0.1
Sphere +20.00 to -30.00 D by 0.25
Cyl Up to 10.00 D by 0.25
Axis 0° to 180° by 1°


Material  DEFINITIVE (Efrofilcon A)
Classification Filcon v 3
Hydrophilicity  74%
DK 60
Modulus 0.35 MPa
UV Filter No
Handling color  Transparent


We recommend a preservative-free soft contact lens care solution Regard®

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Biolens Lab offers a 1-month guarantee of fit for BioSoft lenses, on the condition of communicating the keratometry, or any other parameter necessary for determining the final lens.

If the parameters are defined by the prescriber, no returns can be accepted.