Our contact lenses meet international quality standards.

Who are we ?

Biolens Lab is a laboratory for the manufacture of custom-made contact lenses, as well as a distributor of contact lens cleaning solutions and medical equipment.

Our Products

Our laboratory has significant resources, with premises specifically designed to ensure the protection and preservation of our products along with highly qualified employees. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for producing complex surfaces with nanometric precision and has a very high degree of automation, thus guaranteeing high quality and perfect reproducibility. Also, the choice of our business partners is based on a single criterion: quality. Raw materials are supplied by world leaders in the manufacture of biocompatible materials for contact lenses.

Our total commitment is to satisfy all your needs through:

Providing you with a quality product as quickly as possible.
Continuously developing and innovating in the field of contactology
Working with you to deliver excellent training in contactology..

Soft Contact Lenses

Custom-made Soft Hydrogel and Silicone-Hydrogel contact lenses.

3 Monthly Custom-Made

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6 Monthly Custom-Made

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Long-Lasting Custom Made

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Mini Scleral Lenses

3 Diameters – 4 Adjustable Zones

Available in new DK 200 material

Correct your eyesight while sleeping

Ortholens contact lenses are indicated for night wear, allowing the wearer to enjoy clear vision all day long without glasses or contact lenses. The correction is 70% from the very first night, is completed after 3 to 4 nights, and stabilizes after 4 weeks.

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Special Keratoconus

Rigid Gas-permeable Contact Lenses

Multi-curve geometry with soft junctions and a bevelled zone

Engineered with nanometer precision digital technology

Stability, ease of adaption and comfort for the wearer

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